Being kicked out of games

I am being regularly kicked out of games before they start. The games then appear in the in progress section on the home page and I can not rejoin. This is happening every other game and I'm looking points because of it. Also the in app email verification does not seem to be working the email does not appear in my inbox or my spam folder I have tried several times


  • Ps I'm using the Android version of real money pool
  • Hi @Phildo3391,

    What device model and Android version are you using?

  • Galaxy S6
  • Android version 7
  • Thanks @Phildo3391,

    Your device is more than capable and should not experience such issue.

    We'll try and add an S6 to our test devices to see if we can replicate your issue.


  • Thank you for your help @larku this issue is keeping me from using the real money section as it is literally every other game
  • The same thing happened to me on my Galaxy S8+. Only difference is it cost me $12. When inside the app, that game shows me as aborted.
  • Hey @gropsh27,

    Please submit a support request to Skillz at and they'll fix things up for you.

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