Submitting a support request to Skillz

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For all queries regarding:

  • User Accounts
  • Ticketz
  • Deposits and Withdrawals

Need to be handled by Skillz. Please contact Skillz directly using the Skillz menu (the three dash menu in the top right).

For version 1.4.3 and above:

  • Get the match ID for the game in question (click on that game and it'll show you the match id)
  • Press the three dash menu in the top left of the Skillz interface
  • Select "HELP CENTER"
  • Select "CONTACT US"
  • Select support category "Report Bug"
  • Enter the match ID
  • Enter details
  • Submit

For versions before 1.4.3:

  1. Click the "Three dash" icon
  2. Scroll down (if needed) and select "Help"
  3. Select "CONTACT US"
  4. Choose the correct Inquiry/Contact type
  5. Add the details of your issue and include any Match ID's that are relevant to your request/issue (if it relates to a match)
  6. Click "SUBMIT"

Note Match ID's can be found by expanding the match (click on it), it will show "Match ID: xxxxxxx" in the bottom right of the match details.
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